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Welcome to the International Trainers and Coaching Academy of NLP, the official NLP Accrediting Body and Membership Association established by John Grinder, (Co-Creator of Classic and New Code NLP) Carmen Bostic St Clair, Co-Creator of New Code NLP) and Michael Carroll (Co-Developer of New Code NLP).

ITCA provides graduates from Grinder/Bostic/ Carroll certification courses and graduates from the approved courses led by Grinder/Bostic/Carroll Trainers with opportunities for collaboration, continual education as well as their credentials being listed on the ITCA website for the public to be able to source well trained and highly competent NLP Practitioners, New Code NLP Practitioners, Coaches and Trainers.

ITCA, is an upgrade and update to the previous Grinder/Bostic/Carroll Association, The International Trainers Academy of NLP (ITA), established in 2006 as a Trainer Accreditation Body and a platform for NLP Trainers and New Code NLP Trainers to be able to issue ITCA Accredited Certifications to their students.

The launch of ITCA maintains all the rights, privileges and responsibilities for only those historic ITA Trainers who have maintained their rights and have met their responsibilities, to certify their students at the level of their Trainer Accreditation. See the ITCA Trainer page on this link for the list of Approved ITCA Trainers.

The key upgrade in ITCA is that membership will be extended to graduates of the ITCA Approved Trainers’ (formerly ITA Trainers’) courses, so in addition to the different levels of Trainer Accreditation, ITCA membership is open only to NLP Practitioners, New Code NLP Practitioners, International NLP Coaches who have studied with and are in good standing with an ITCA Approved Trainer.

A key focus of ITCA is to promote ‘New Code NLP’ training and coaching, for the public to have access to Coaches and Trainers who are well trained and deemed competent in the latest NLP patterning John and Carmen have jointly created (New Code NLP) from 1988 to present, with developments from Michael Carroll since 2008.

New Code NLP is the exclusive Intellectual Property of John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St. Clair and is registered as an international trademark. ITCA (formerly ITA) is the sole and exclusive legal agency authorized to offer recognized training ensuring the quality of the patterning of New Code NLP. Please use the email address on this website to report any unauthorised use of New Code NLP Pattering so the appropriate legal action can be taken to preserve Grinder/Bostic Intellectual Property Rights.

ITCA is the ONLY official Accrediting Body for New Code NLP Training Courses.

ITCA Approved New Code NLP Trainers are the only Trainers in the world, authorised by Carmen Bostic St Clair and John Grinder, to offer New Code NLP Certification Programmes in accordance with ITCA specifications.

ITCA Approved New Code NLP Trainers, have taken part in extensive training to gain their New Code Trainer status. In addition to graduating from the 17 day Grinder/Bostic/Carroll Classic Trainers Training programme, ITCA New Code NLP Trainers will have participated in a further 16 days Training and Mentoring directly with John, Carmen and Michael to learn and assimilate the New Code NLP Trainer skills. The robustness and rigour of the training mentioned above is designed to ensure ITCA New Code NLP Trainers have the competencies to ensure the quality of New Code NLP Training is maintained at a high standard in the New Code NLP Courses they offer to their own students.

For a detailed description of New Code NLP, its history and how it evolved from Classic Code NLP to be a discipline in its own right refer to ITCA will continue to support ONLY the ITA Accredited Classic Code NLP Trainers who currently meet their ITA responsibilities in offering Classic Code NLP Trainings to their students. The same provisions and standards from the ITA will apply in the ITCA Approved Classic Code NLP Courses

ITCA Trainer Levels of Membership

  • Classic Code NLP Trainer
  • Online Trainer of Classic Code/New Code NLP
  • Approved New Code NLP Trainer
  • Approved to offer International Coach Accreditation

ITCA Practitioner and Coach Levels of Membership

  • NLP Classic Code Practitioner
  • New Code NLP Practitioner
  • International NLP Coach

ITCA has a clear target to ensure ITCA Trainers provide the highest standard of NLP Training to their students who in turn will be able to offer high quality NLP services in the form of coaching to the public.

For a full listing of ITCA Approved Classic and New Code NLP Trainers who meet the criteria listed on this page - click this link.

Thank you for visiting the ITCA page, we wish you the best with your NLP studies, which within the ITCA network will provide you with a standard of NLP training unrivalled in the field of NLP.